With Leaks, Obama's Last Excuse on Israel Gone

With Leaks, Obama's Last Excuse on Israel Gone

President Barack Obama has run out of excuses for his anti-Israel policy. He has long boasted of “unprecedented” security cooperation with Israel on his watch (largely the result of policies enacted before he arrived at the White House). Yet his administration’s recent leaks about Israel’s possible military plans to prevent a nuclear Iran have undermined Obama’s assurances. This is not cooperation–it is sabotage.

Indeed, the Iranian regime could not hope for better intelligence sources than what Obama’s defense officials leak to the media on a regular basis. First there was the revelation in June, 2010 that Israel might use Saudi Arabia’s airspace in order to fly a more direct route to Iran. The unanticipated Saudi-Israeli cooperation was leaked to, and then reported by, the London Times, citing anonymous “U.S. defense sources.”

Next, there was the bizarre leak by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta himself in February that Israel might attack Iran “in April, May, or June.” The leak–unprecedented in the history of U.S.-Israel relations–removed any element of surprise that Israel might have enjoyed, and effectively helped postpone any Israeli strike while allowing Iran additional time to prepare and to develop its nuclear weapons program.

Then, most recently, Foreign Policy reported–again, citing anonymous U.S. defense sources–that Israel had hoped to use an air base in Azerbaijan as a possible way to launch an air strike against Iran. 

Media observers began to notice the pattern–“Did the U.S. just torpedo Israeli deal for a base in Azerbaijan?” the Christian Science Monitor asked–and to wonder why Israel’s “best friend” was doing so much to help the enemy.

Obama has pointed to his administration’s support for Israel’s “Iron Dome” and Arrow missile defense systems, along with increased security aid and joint military exercises, as evidence of his commitment to Israel’s security. These achievements have also been hyped by Obama’s supporters to cover up his glaring failures and broken promises on Jerusalem, on the peace process, and on confronting the genocidal Iranian regime.

Now, with the Obama administration regularly interfering with and revealing Israeli military plans, it is impossible for Democrats and their media allies to make the ever-more-ridiculous claim that he is the best friend Israel has had in the White House. 

Worse, the Obama administration is helping Iran unravel the U.S.-Israel alliance, exposing Israel to attack and allowing Iran to threaten America’s interests and stature.


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