Syria Using Women and Children as Human Shields

Syria Using Women and Children as Human Shields

The Syrian government and its security forces are using women and children as human shields in the government’s war with Syrian rebels. The brutal regime of Bashar Assad has forced thousands of Syrians to flee to Turkey as a result of their atrocities. There have been numerous reports of the regime’s shelling of residential neighborhoods and targeting of civilians. 

Human Rights Watch said the regime’s use of women and children as human shields “is yet another reason why the UN Security Council should refer Syria to the International Criminal Court.” The use of women and children as human shields or substitutes for men who would be at risk is not new to the Muslim world. Palestinians have routinely sent women and children as suicide bombers in Israel. Osama Bin Laden famously used women as human shields when he was attacked and killed by the Seal Team Six.

The surprise is that the actions of the Assad regime are being condemned by some on the left. There were no protests when the Palestinians acted in that fashion, nor was there an uproar when Bin Laden placed women in front of him. One possible explanation is that the rebels protesting Assad’s regime are largely Islamist.

Of course, supporters of the Islamist Spring, like President Obama, support the rebels, so there is sure to be condemnation by the White House of the regime’s actions.

Meanwhile, Obama and his supporters have the gall to insist that the Republican Party is waging a war on women. Where were they when Palestinians used women and children as bombers?  Where were they when Bin Laden used women as he did? That was a true war on women, and it’s fought every day in the Islamic world. But the Obama administration ignores it, except when it benefits them politically.


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