Soros' Tides Canada Under Investigation

Soros' Tides Canada Under Investigation

George Soros’ Tides Foundation in Canada is under investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency after members of the Conservative Party labeled the organization a foreign-funded radical group. As the Globe and Mail reports, the group “serves as a clearinghouse for foreign donors that want to donate here but do not have Canadian charitable status.” The organization has funneled money to liberal advocacy groups, particularly regarding oil development issues.

President of Tides Canada Ross McMillan admitted that the “information requested of us by CRA does not appear to be random – many of the questions concern international funding, projects of interest to international foundations, and contractors and projects with views that are not always aligned with government perspectives on both social and environmental policy.”

Soros has become a famous funder of liberal causes in the United States, including Media Matters; groups associated with him have long been accused of using their charitable status to engage in partisan politics.


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