Spanish Abortion Doctor Must Pay Child Support For Failing to Kill Unborn Child

Spanish Abortion Doctor Must Pay Child Support For Failing to Kill Unborn Child

The consequences of socialist medicine are rearing their ugly head in Spain. Spain recently fully legalized abortion in 2010 under a socialist government. Shortly thereafter, a Spanish woman, 7 weeks pregnant, decided to have a “vacuum aspiration” abortion, a surgical procedure where the baby is literally sucked up out of the womb into a jar.

The procedure went well according to the surgeon, who even had the patient come back for a follow-up ultra-sound two weeks later and confirmed the “success” of the surgery.

Only one problem: the patient felt pregnancy symptoms 3 month later and was quite surprised to hear from her OBGYN that she was 5 months pregnant.

The extremely generous and competent abortion clinic decided to reimburse its patient for the failed surgery and graciously offered another abortion free of charge — past the 22-week legal limit. The patient decided to keep the child instead, and sued the clinic.

This week, the Spanish legal system awarded the patient 150,000 Euros in moral damages, and sentenced the clinic to pay her a monthly 1,000 Euros child support for helping raise the child. Where is the father? Who knows? But, of course, the clinic is paid by the state, not by the patient. Welcome to the world of socialized, liberal medicine, where you – the taxpayer — can now be forced to pay full alimony, not for a doctor killing a patient, but for failing to kill an unborn child.


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