US Blocks Israel From Turkish-Based Counterterrorism Summit

US Blocks Israel From Turkish-Based Counterterrorism Summit

President Obama has seen a ten-point drop in his support level in the American Jewish community. And no wonder. Over the weekend, the United States blocked Israel from participating in the Global Counterterrorism Forum meeting in Turkey, although Israel has perhaps the best counterterrorism program on the planet. The United States kept Israel out because the U.S. wanted to please radical Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Countries that are attending include ten Arab and/or Muslim countries, as well as China, Russia, India, and several countries from Europe.

Despite Israel’s exclusion, America praised the conference as an attempt to “bridge old and deep divides in the international community between Western donor nations and Muslim majority nations. And it has, I think, done that quite effectively.”

This can only be seen as an attempt to exclude Israel from the family of nations while kowtowing to terror-supporting nations across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan – all of whom attended. The Obama administration says that it wants Israel to be involved in the future, but the proof is in the pudding – Israel is unwelcome, and the U.S. is just fine with that.


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