Stealth Jihad: It's Not Just for Overseas Anymore

Stealth Jihad: It's Not Just for Overseas Anymore

Eric Allen Bell and Jihad Watch are warning that Murfreesboro could prove to be ground zero in the war political Islam is currently waging against the West.

According to Bell, the 53,000 square foot mega mosque now being built in Murfreesboro is part of “stealth jihad” against America. This jihad is waged by tactics of political correctness and deceit, the aims of which are to change the American system from within using a more and more pronounced presence of Sharia law.

To win sympathy for the project from locals, a fire was set to temporary buildings being used by Muslims in Murfreesboro and cries of arson were sounded. In time, however, it became known that the arson had been an inside job intended to create a sense of shame to silence opponents of the mosque.

Between the arson itself and the time when the real perpetrator behind it was discovered, CNN took the bait and ran a shame-on-those-hateful-rednecks piece titled: “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door.”

The man overseeing construction of the mosque tried to calm concerned citizens by giving the impression that its construction would be at least a ten year project. However according to Bell, the plan all along was to “rush the construction” and get the mosque up as quickly as possible.

In early June, Rutherford County Chancellor Robert Corlew ordered construction on the mosque stopped, citing the rush to construction without proper public notice. Nevertheless construction of the mosque has continued unabated. CAIR is urging the DOJ to get involved in the project while they try “to spin the story in the media as a civil rights matter.”

This is the same tactic they are using in St. Anthony, MN, where the city council “almost unanimously rejected plans for a new Islamic center due to zoning concerns.” Although this is “the first time in seven years that an Islamic place of worship has been blocked by a local government in Minnesota,” CAIR is asking the DOJ to step in and investigate the “anti-Muslim hate.”

As Bell would say, these are prime examples of “political Islam’s stealth jihad against the U.S.” And we pretend it does not exist to our peril.