US Will Leave Afghan Police 'Hot Pink' Burqas

US Will Leave Afghan Police 'Hot Pink' Burqas

When United States forces leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014 (at least, that’s Barack Obama’s plan if he’s still in office) they plan to equip the Afghan police and army with the finest clothes and disguises money can buy. The Washington Post, not a newspaper exactly unsympathetic to Obama, still revealed that there was an Army solicitation posted June 1 for uniforms and women’s clothing in a variety of sizes and colors — including 100 women’s burqas that “cover all, including the eyes.”

Burqas seem like a good idea. The police and army can pose as women, infiltrating terrorist areas and camps.

But there’s a dead giveaway that is going to get those police and army folks in trouble.

Some of those burqas are purple, some gold, and some –

Hot pink.

Well, that might be a problem. After all, no self-respecting Afghani male would wear hot pink anything.

So if the Afghan police or army member wear hot pink, they’re either going to get killed by the Taliban for being gay or for being women. Either way, it’s not an effective plan.