Obama's Arab Spring Disappointing to Secular Egyptians

Obama's Arab Spring Disappointing to Secular Egyptians

As I wrote yesterday, Obama’s Arab Spring is the result of firm ties between the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood–ties which exist despite the stark differences between Islamists and the West. 

And the Muslim Brotherhood movement to which Obama spoke in 2009 has seized control in Egypt and is now in contest with Iran to see who can say the most bald, degrading things about Israel. The two nations are also apparently in contest to see which can be the first to crush Israel under their feet..

In the midst of this, the Obama administration is openly congratulating the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi for winning the presidential election in Egypt. Completely ignoring his Islamism, the White House describes Morsi’s victory as a “milestone in (Egypt’s) transition to democracy.”

I wonder if women and Christians see this as a milestone as well? And how do non-Christian, non-Islamist citizens view it?

The answer to these questions can at least be partially found in the “dissatisfaction” Egypt’s secular and liberal parties, including the Free Egyptians Party, have voiced concerning U.S. support for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. For in supporting Morsi, the U.S. literally supported the same candidate the Iranians were supporting–the same candidate the Iranians are also openly congratulating for his victory.

When you think about the fact that we’re on the same side as Iran on this one, it’s not hard to see that Obama’s Arab Spring may portend more tyranny than freedom in the Middle East.