Mexico Election Reportedly Corrupt

Mexico Election Reportedly Corrupt

We are shocked, shocked that the results of Mexico’s presidential election may have been tainted by corruption.

Enrique Peña Nieto, the leader of the iron-fisted Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which was in bed with the drug cartels and ruled Mexico from 1929 until 2000, claimed victory, but there is video evidence that PRI activists handed out prepaid gift cards from the grocery chain Soriana to voters.

The card recipients mobbed a store on the outskirts of Mexico City when they heard that the cards would be invalidated. Each card was worth 100 pesos, which equals roughly $7.50.

Eduardo Huchim of the Civic Alliance, a Mexican watchdog group, said,   “It was neither a clean nor fair election. It was perhaps the biggest operation of vote-buying and coercion in the country’s history.” The Alliance reported that the PRI employed children as young as eight years old to keep an eye at polling stations to make sure voters marked their ballots as they were paid to do.

Meanwhile, President Obama called Peña Nieto to congratulate him on his victory Sunday night. One wonders if Obama started by asking the incoming Mexican president where he could get millions of those cards.