Islamist Group Pledges to 'Wipe Christianity From The Face of The Earth'

Islamist Group Pledges to 'Wipe Christianity From The Face of The Earth'

Israel has long faced the scorn of Islamists. Iran’s Ahmadinejad has sworn over and again to wipe them off the map, supporter’s of Egypt’s new president have talked of conquering Israel and making Jerusalem the capital of Egypt, and Palestinians have taken opportunity after opportunity to fire a rocket into the Jewish state and stir things up.

But it looks like Israel is going to have share the Islamist’s scorn with Christians, at least for a time. For a group with ties to the United Muslim Nations International has released a 23 page booklet titled, “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived.” And in it, they put forth plans to “wipe Christianity from the face of the earth.”

Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi, the leader of the group, has made his intentions clear: “Christianity should be destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth [because] it is an evil, demonic and Anti-Christ system” He added: “The Revived Global Caliphate has set eyes on the West to once and for all rid the world of Christianity and there is nothing you can do about it.” 

And in other news, President Obama has spent his presidency telling us that Islamists and Westerners share so much in common: that our differences are minimal but our desires, our hopes and dreams, are so similar.

I guess Obama hasn’t read “The Global Islamic Civilization” yet.