Egypt: The Rule of Law or the Islamist Mob?

Egypt: The Rule of Law or the Islamist Mob?

When Egyptians elected the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi to be president, they necessarily set in motion a tense situation. This is because Morsi is a Islamist, and Egypt’s Constitutional Court had just disbanded the Egyptian Parliament because Islamists came to dominate it.

Now, with Morsi’s ascension to power, we are witnessing a situation where the Egyptian military is seeking to uphold the Constitutional Court’s decision while Morsi’s supporters, predominantly Islamists, are pressing to regain the power the court took from them. London’s Telegraph is reporting that MPs who were part of the of recently disbanded parliament are actually vowing to force their way  back to their old seats and re-open parliament, whether the Constitutional Court likes it or not. This sets the stage for civil unrest and even armed conflict to erupt at any moment.

Egypt’s military is willingly aligned against their president’s party in order to defend “constitutional decrees” and “the importance of sovereignty of law and the constitution.” The question moving forward is which side will enjoy the people’s loyalty, the rule of law or the rule of the Islamist mob?

 We’ll soon find out.