Sec. of State Clinton Says U.S. and Israel on Same Page

Sec. of State Clinton Says U.S. and Israel on Same Page

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Egypt wasn’t a show of strength or a harbinger of freedom. She sided with Islamists instead of the constitutional court while there, and part of her motorcade was pelted with shoes and tomatoes. She tried to pick it up some at her next stop, Israel, where she claimed that the U.S. and Israel are on the same page regarding Iran.  

Correction: She claimed the U.S. and Israel are “on the same page at this moment.”

In other words, suddenly, during an election year, the Obama administration understands the threat Israel faces from Tehran’s nuclear program and they are standing against that program with Israel. 

According to the LA Times, Sec. Clinton said the Obama administration is committed to using “all elements of American power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” She justified the administration’s commitment by acknowledging the “security threats Israel faces [from] rocket attacks, terrorist attacks, [and] challenges in Gaza.”

This is quite a shift for the Obama administration. As it wasn’t that long ago that President Obama himself equated Israeli settlements with Palestinian rocket attacks on innocent civilians.