Former Critic of Anti-Islamism: Bachmann 'Unbelievably Courageous' for Muslim Brotherhood Stance

Former Critic of Anti-Islamism: Bachmann 'Unbelievably Courageous' for Muslim Brotherhood Stance

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is receiving support for her recent statements on the Muslim Brotherhood from an interesting source: Eric Allen Bell, a former supporter of an Islamic mosque who did a 180 degree turn after research convinced him that reality of Islam is quite different than it’s portrayed by the left. 

In an interview, Bell called Bachmann “unbelievably courageous” and said he believes that “the Islamization of the West is the defining issue of our time.”

Eric Allen Bell is one of today’s most outspoken voices on the dangers posed by Islam’s war on the West, but the Los Angeles based filmmaker actually began his journey planning to expose “Islamaphobia.” Bell used to be a hero of the left, garnering praise from Michael Moore and DailyKos for his film project that set out to show that opposition to a proposed Mega-Mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was coming from conservative crackpots. 

A funny thing happened as Bell worked on the film; he ran into the truth about Islam. The truth wasn’t pretty, nor did it jibe with the narrative that the left spins about Islam as a “religion of peace.”

When Bell began to discuss the truth about Islam’s dangers, the funding for his film dried up and his former friends on the left began their attacks–a process familiar to anyone who has seen what happens when the left’s narrative is challenged.

Now, Bell has written a number of pieces for Frontpage, the website founded by former leftist radical turned conservtive David Horowitz, that tells what he’s learned about Islam, its “soft jihad” against the West, and the support that it has from the left.

In this excerpt from my recent interview with Bell, he discusses one of the reasons the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous and how he feels about Rep. Bachmann’s recent remarks that earned her scorn from the mainstream media and even 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Bell said:

There are numerous Muslim Brotherhood front groups that have found there way into our society, our culture, our legal system, politics, media, academia. And what’s concerning about that during the “Holy Land” trial that was the largest bust by the FBI of an Islamic charity funneling money to Islamic terrorism–by the way, in Islam terrorism is a a form of charity–during that bust it was exposed that the Muslim Brotherhood had all these front groups and had in their charter, a memo that said their objective was that they were sowing “civilization jiihad,” and the point of civilization jihad was that it was a soft jihad, a non-violent jihad and the objective was the destroy the West from the inside by its own evil hand. 

When you use words like “infilitration,” that probably sounds paranoid to the general public but if anyone does the actual research, that’s exactly what’s happening–especially under this administration. For Bachmann to have done the research and just tell it like it is, knowing the political cost, is unbelievably courageous and I wish more leaders would support her in doing this and get behind this because the Islamization of the West is the defining issue of our time and if we don’t wake up to do something about it now, it’ll be too late.

Listen to the whole interview here.


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