Romney's Foreign Trip a Show of Reagan-like Strength and Optimism

Romney's Foreign Trip a Show of Reagan-like Strength and Optimism

Gov. Mitt Romney’s recent foreign trip, including stops in London, Warsaw, and Jerusalem, was a smashing success by any measure. It provided him an opportunity to assure America’s allies that the Romney administration will stand with them, that capitalism and lower taxes are an answer to the world’s economic woes (not just America’s), and that peace through strength is not only possible but also necessary at this time in history. 

Throughout the trip, Romney exuded confidence and the kind of optimism that marked Ronald Reagan’s presidency. He also modeled the kind of determination that made the combined force of Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher impossible to ignore. 

And our allies were ready for Romney’s message: they were ready to hear “America strong” instead of “America weak” again.

Charles Krauthammer made this point in his recent Washington Post column, when he wrote: “In Israel, [the] popular prime minster lavished on [Romney] a welcome so warm as to be a near-endorsement. In Poland, Romney received an actual endorsement from Lech Walesa, former dissident, former president, Cold War giant, Polish hero.” 

In 1980, Reagan reminded America that we had a rendezvous with destiny. In 2012, Romney has reminded our allies that he wants them to join us for that rendezvous as well.