Israel Blamed Again As Egyptian People Attack Morsi's PM

Israel Blamed Again As Egyptian People Attack Morsi's PM

Up to now, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his newly appointed PM Hisham Qandil have tried their best to play up their moderate credentials: to present themselves as representing the people at large instead of the more narrow segment of supporters existing in the Muslim Brotherhood. However, on Sunday, a funeral for 16 Egyptian border guards who were killed during an attack in North Sinai told the whole story, and the story wasn’t pretty for Morsi and Qandil.

For starters, Morsi couldn’t even attend the funeral because of security concerns. Qandil tried to attend, but upon his arrival for funeral prayers he was chased down and beaten. The angry crowd repeatedly referred to Qandil and President Morsi as “dogs.”

But it appears this episode will teach Morsi  and his broader administration very little, as the North Sinai attacks are being spun as an Israeli attack meant only to undermine Morsi’s credibility as a leader. 

Israel has denied any involvement in the attack, responding to the accusations thus: “Even the person who says this when he looks at himself in the mirror does not believe the nonsense he is uttering.”