Israel Planning October Surprise for Iran?

Israel Planning October Surprise for Iran?

Throughout his year, opinions have gone back and forth as to when Israel will attack Iran to stop off a major terror attack on the Jewish state. In the Spring, it seemed the attack could come at any moment, then President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron both urged restraint and Israel seemed to relent.

After that, more vitriol was hurled at the Israelis and an attack seemed imminent once more, but Obama stepped in and begged Prime Minister Netanyahu to wait until after the November elections. Obama even promised to “advanced weapons systems” to Israel in exchange for not attacking before November.

But it’s August, and as the threats against Israel only to continue to increase, U.S. intelligence experts believe Israel may be planning an October surprise

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak has made it clear that sanctions and diplomacy, i.e., the kind of things the Obama administration is pursuing, “are not enough to stop Iran’s nuclear program.” And if failure after demonstrable failure continues to be the fruit of such actions, Barak said “an attack would be needed.”

No one knows for sure, but indicators point to the possibility that Iran’s nuclear program may receive a major Israeli-led setback in October.