Aleppo: How Long Will the Syrian Conflict Drag On?

Aleppo: How Long Will the Syrian Conflict Drag On?

In Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, it appears the rebel offensive has been put down or at least forced into retreat by President Assad’s forces. According to reports, the rebels are claiming they’ve simply pulled back in order to regroup, but the U.N. says there will be no rebel victory Aleppo. In fact, there may be no clear victory for either side in that city.

Moreover, the same reports say the rebels pulled back because they could not withstand the Syrian bombardment pounding them.

It was just last month that the rebels announced they were abandoning their war of attrition and instead seeking victory. This entailed full frontal attacks and total war.  Reuters reports that at that time, the rebels attacked in Damascus and Aleppo: they were quickly turned back in the former while proving themselves more up to the task in the latter.

The longer this conflict drags on, the greater the chance that other nations will become entangled it: especially other nations in the Middle East. If that happens, we could soon be watching carnage and open warfare on a massive scale.