Stealth Jihad Comes to Disneyland

Stealth Jihad Comes to Disneyland

As I’ve written in other posts for Breitbart, one of the tactics of stealth jihad is to use the U.S. court system to sue U.S. businesses, religious facilities, civic groups, and intelligence agencies into submission. We’ve seen this when building permits are denied for Islamic worship centers, when Islamic prayer rooms aren’t offered in public buildings, and when Islamists are being investigated for possible terrorist ties in bigger cities.

We’re also seeing it at Disneyland, where a 28-year-old Muslim named Imane Boudlal is claiming religious discrimination because she had to wear Disney approved clothing at her job and those clothes did not include a hijab (or a head scarf). 

To be fair, Disney Co. did tell Boudlal she could wear a head scarf, as long as she wore a “fedora-style hat” over the top of it. Reuters reports that Disney also provided her four different job opportunities where she could wear a full hijab. But Boudlal refused to accept any of these options and instead filed a lawsuit against the Disney Co. 

Quick Question: If I were a member of an ancient monastic order and was hired to be one of the Mickey Mouse’s that walks around Disneyland and waves to guests, would I have grounds to file suit if the company demanded I wear clothes resembling Mickey Mouse instead of clothes resembling the garb of a Franciscan monk?