Intelligence and Special Ops Accuse Obama Admin Of 'Dishonorable Disclosures'

Intelligence and Special Ops Accuse Obama Admin Of 'Dishonorable Disclosures'

Perhaps you noticed that, when Osama bin Laden was killed by SEAL Team Six in May 2011, individual members of that team did not make the talk show circuit, they were not honored in parades, nor did they visit the White House for a photo op. Rather, it was business as usual for our elite tacticians and killers, who not only prefer to live in anonymity but know that doing so is crucial to the success of their operations.

Enter the Obama administration: a haphazard collection of leftist ideologues who are too busy opposing the military to understand it. They have spent three and a half years leaking highly classified material to media outlets and, following the death of bin Laden, actually gave a Hollywood film company access to information theretofore off limits to mere civilians.

And since nothing is being done to stop the leaks, those who will pay the price for them — our Special Forces — are standing up to say enough is enough.

In a new documentary titled, “Dishonorable Disclosures,” former Special Forces personnel tell viewers that “countless leaks, decisions, and interviews by the Obama administration and other government officials have undermined the success of…Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.”

The documentary will pull at your heart strings, as you watch mothers of fallen Special Ops personnel tell stories of their heroic sons. For example, Mark Alan Lee was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq (Aug. 2, 2006). His mother sets the tone in the documentary by telling how proud she is of her son, and how his sacrifice allows us to live in the fullness of freedom we now enjoy.

The photo of Lee in his Naval uniform lingers in the viewer’s mind throughout the documentary, as other Navy Seals, CIA Agents, and Marines explain how leaks from the Obama administration damaged or otherwise diminished their labors, and at times put them in harm’s way.

Specifically, they talk about the quick announcement of bin Laden’s death, and how a delay of only another 48 hrs would have given Intelligence agents more time to work through the material at the compound. They talk of how foolish it was for the administration to release details about the mission that killed bin Laden. Because now, lucid members of the Taliban or Al Qaeda have a better understanding of transportation methods SEAL teams sometimes use for operations. 

Former Navy Seal Scott Taylor (served in Iraq) sums it up well in the documentary: “I believe a 10-year-old would be able to understand that if you disclose how we got there, how we took down the building, how many people were there, that it’s going to hinder future operations.” 

Sadly, the documentary makes it clear that the bin Laden leaks and snafus have not been the exception but the rule. 

As Bill Cowan, Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.) put it in the documentary, “If I could give one word of advice to the Obama administration, it would be the same thing that former Sec. of Defense Bob Gates said, ‘Shut the (bleep) Up!'”

God bless our troops, especially our Intelligence and Special Forces. As it stands, they have to walk a fine line between the machinations of the enemy and the loose lips of the Executive Branch, both of which are equally destructive.

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