USS Stennis Strike Group On Way To Persian Gulf

USS Stennis Strike Group On Way To Persian Gulf

In the wake of growing tensions between Israel and Iran, as well as the ongoing conflict in Syria, the U.S. Navy has sent the Stennis Strike Group back to the Persian Gulf. This group, which departed on August 27, is based around the nuclear-powered John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, and is supported by 2,000 sailors who are now headed to the Persian Gulf as well.    

This particular strike group was in the Persian Gulf as recently as late 2011, and when they departed from that region through the Strait of Hormuz, Iran took the opportunity to showboat and warned them never to return. Yet, they are not only returning but also rendezvousing with the USS Enterprise Strike Group (which is already in the region). 

Together, the two strike groups will give the U.S. an extensive display of force in the Persian Gulf should hostilities break out between Israel and Iran,  or should Syria spiral into an even worse conflict than it currently is. 

God bless the USS Stennis Strike Group.