Report: Iran Using NAM Conference to Thumb Nose at U.S.

Report: Iran Using NAM Conference to Thumb Nose at U.S.

The Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) conference is currently underway in Tehran, and Iran is using by Iran to raise their prominence on their world stage and to simultaneously garner enough support to allow them to buck U.S. and international opposition to their nuclear ambitions.   

Because two-thirds of the world’s countries are NAM members, Iran knows that if it can affect change at the NAM conference it will have accomplished a major feat. For this reason, Iran is trying to highlight its “progress in the areas of science, economics, technology, the military, politics, culture.” 

Moreover, reports indicate that Iran not only wants to gather enough support to get around U.S. sanctions but also to move NAM members away from western democracy and other such political designs altogether. Iran is expected to push for a “new world order” during the conference: an order in which an Islamic political framework is adopted on a broad scale by NAM member countries.

In short, it appears Iran is using the NAM conference to thumb its nose at the U.S. and the rest of the Western world.