Head of Joint Chiefs Abandons Israel

Head of Joint Chiefs Abandons Israel

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of U.S. armed forces, said on Thursday that he does not wish to be “complicit” in any Israeli strike on Iran.Today it was reported that Benjamin Netanyahu, frustrated with the lack of support from the Obama Administration, told U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro that time was running out.

Just last week, Dempsey bluntly said that he wasn’t as concerned about Iran as Israel was because the United states was not in mortal danger, while Israel was. Speaking of conversations he had with Benny Gantz, his Israeli counterpart, Dempsey said,

We compare intelligence, we discuss regional implications, and we’ve admitted to each other that our clocks are turning at different rates … Israel is iving with an existential concern that we are not living with.

Dempsey then said that he didn’t know Iran’s nuclear intentions.

That may have been true a week ago, but not now: a report in the Wall Street Journal yesterday revealed that the man who is the Robert Oppenheimer of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, has suddenly reappeared and is back at work helping to prepare the way for nuclear weaponry.

There are those who doubt Iran’s desire to destroy Israel first and then the West, but their history is clear, and they are not bluffing about wishing to eradicate the Jewish state and murder Americans as well.

For Dempsey, who not coincidentally was appointed by Barack Obama to head the Joint Chiefs, to publicly abandon Israel in its time of crisis because America may have a little more time to wait is repugnant. But he has already shown he is a good soldier for Obama; he criticized the former CIA agents, Navy SEALs and other military veterans who lambasted Obama for his security leaks.

And Obama didn’t even give him thirty pieces of silver.


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