Live Map: Obama's Middle East Appeasement Explodes Across Region

Live Map: Obama's Middle East Appeasement Explodes Across Region

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that’s the case, then the picture painted by the continuously updated Google Map assembled by Atlantic Wire speaks volumes more than the Obama Administration would like voters to hear:  


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Barack Obama campaigned to a war-weary America in 2008 as a transformative figure whose affinity for Islamic culture (he was raised in Indonesia, after all) would make him more empathetic and sensitive to the “Arab Street” and more able to project a positive image of America to the dangerous powder keg communities that supposedly hated us because of our “cowboy president” George W. Bush.  

Here we are, three years after Obama’s landmark speech in Cairo where he pledged “to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims,” and we see on the devastating map above that there has been no “new beginning” but an escalation in hatred and violence toward the United States. While Obama’s Cairo speech was correctly described by the Palestenian Authority as “the beginning of a new American policy” in the Middle East, it was more accurately painted by the spokesman of the West Bank Settler’s Council as “out of touch with reality… the Muslim world is at war with the Western world.” 

Appeasement, understanding, tolerance, financial backing, and wishful thinking make for great speeches, great photo ops, and great dissertations, but in a dangerous world with America’s enemies capable of slaughtering thousands of innocent Americans in one fall morning and Iran poised to obtain nuclear weapons, they do not make for an effective foreign policy.  

Look at the map above and continue to refresh this page as it gets updated with the latest episodes of violence against Americans abroad.  Watch it closely and digest the thousand words this picture tells.  


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