Team Romney on Obama's Foreign Policy: 'It's Amateur Hour'

Team Romney on Obama's Foreign Policy: 'It's Amateur Hour'

Gov. Romney’s advisers say the criticism of Obama’s foreign policy has been right on the money, and they say America would be in a far better situation right now if Romney were president. Obama’s  foreign policy is so weak that it actually emboldens those who want to do harm to America and to Americans abroad.

Regarding the anti-American sentiment fomenting and boiling over into violence in and around our embassies, Romney’s advisers said: “In Egypt and Libya and Yemen [we have] demonstrations — the respect for America has gone down, there’s not a sense of American resolve and we can’t even protect sovereign American property.”

Richard Williamson, one of Romney’s top foreign policy advisers, said we haven’t seen weakness like this since Jimmy Carter was president. And to bolster his point, he referenced the fact that until Obama’s presidency, Carter was president last time a US ambassador was killed.

Williamson also said Obama’s lack of certainty about Egypt is troubling: that it’s as if “the president can’t even keep track of who’s our ally and who’s not.” 

The bottom line is that Obama’s foreign policy is that of an amateur. “This is amateur hour,” said Williamson. “It’s amateur hour” at the White House.  


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