Giuliani Blasts Obama Over Israel

Giuliani Blasts Obama Over Israel

Tonight, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted President Obama’s lack of care on Israel, with special attention to Obama’s statements that Israel’s concerns about Iranian nuclear weapons were “noise”:

“Relations between the U.S. and Israel under Barack Obama have been strained for some time.  But if the President gets re-elected, every indicator shows they will grow significantly worse.  On 60 Minutes last night, Barack Obama downgraded Israel from our closest ally in the Middle East to ‘one of our closest allies.’  The change is significant. And it heralds more changes to come if President Obama is elected to a second term.  The fact that in the same interview the President dismissed Israel’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear weapons as mere ‘noise’ is just one more demonstration of the President’s lack of concern for the grave threat that Israel is facing.   Too much is at stake to allow U.S.-Israel relations to deteriorate further. Even more concerning is the President’s reference to the violent, unstable situation in the Middle East – including the death of a U.S. ambassador – as merely ‘bumps in the road.’ America needs a president who will stand by Israel in its moment of peril, who understands the gravity of the situation at hand, and who will leverage the United States’ influence to help move the region toward peace.”

Giuliani has stood up in favor of Israel before; right after September 11, he refused to accept an enormous check from an anti-Israel Saudi royal. But President Obama seems all-too-eager to distance himself from Israel so long as it earns him faux respect in a Muslim world that clearly dislikes him even more than it hated President Bush.


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