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IRGC: We Will Attack U.S. Bases If Israel Attacks Iran

IRGC: We Will Attack U.S. Bases If Israel Attacks Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh claims an Israeli attack on Iran will lead to attacks on U.S. bases and will result in World War III.

In a segment that aired on Al-Alam TV September 23, Hajizadeh said: “I believe that you cannot separate an Iranian war with the Zionist entity from an Iranian war with the U.S. If either of them starts a war, it will embroil the other in it.” He added, “this may evolve into a third world war. Other countries may get involved in the war either alongside Iran or against it. The U.S. bases located in neighboring countries will also be targeted.”

Hajizedah bolstered his point: “We consider the U.S. bases to be on U.S. soil and not on the soil of Qatar, Bahrain, or Afghanistan. We consider these bases to be American soil, American targets. If we find ourselves in a conflict with the U.S., they will definitely be targeted.”


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