Absolutely Uncertain: New Film Looks at Obama's Abandonment of Israel

Absolutely Uncertain: New Film Looks at Obama's Abandonment of Israel

Alan Peterson, director of FahrenHYPE 9/11, has brought forth a new film aimed at waking Jewish voters up before they make the mistake of voting for Obama again.

The film is called Absolutely Uncertain, and it’s a look at the terrifying future that awaits Israel if Obama gets a second term.

A 23-year old woman named Irina, who voted for Obama in 2008, narrates the film. Early in it she talks of how excited she was to vote for him, and how certain she was that he would be a strong friend to Israel. She soon talks of what a disappointment Obama has been on this front, and makes it clear that she will not be voting for him in 2012. 

Interwoven with Irina’s story are clips of Obama from 2008 saying, “My commitment to Israel and Israel’s security is unshakable.” Minutes later that clip is forgotten as examples of Obama doing anything but standing by Israel are provided. And then a more recent clip of an NBC anchor fills the screen: “President Obama re-asserted his support for Israel today, but also says it’s time for the U.S. to give Israel some tough love.”

The film traces rising tensions in the Islamic World, the anti-Israeli posture Obama struck in response to those tensions, and the opposition his treatment (mistreatment) of Israel has drawn from Democrats and Republicans alike. Throughout the film, Senators, Professors, Social Commentators, nervous Israeli’s, and others explain why Obama’s stance is dangerous. 

In one clip, an Israeli mother stands in line to get a gas-mask with her toddler in her arms. She looks into the camera and says she knows she has to get the mask, but she hopes she never has to use it. The narrator says Israelis are not only buying gas masks, but cleaning out their bomb shelters too.

I spoke director Alan Peterson about film, and asked what his goal was in making it. His response is instructive:

Obviously, it’s an effort to impact the election. Specifically, it’s a focused effort to target the Jewish electorate.

Other than black voters, I don’t know any other demographic that went so heavily Obama in 2008. Depending on who you ask, the Jewish vote when 78 to 79% Obama.

To those voters this film says, “Look at these things and explain your vote.” Even better, it says, “Look at these things and justify your vote.”

Absolutely Uncertain can be viewed at www.absolutelyuncertain.com