Romney: Obama Responsible for Lack Of Benghazi Security

Romney: Obama Responsible for Lack Of Benghazi Security

During the presidential debate, an audience member asked Obama who it was that ultimately made the decision to reject increased security for Benghazi. 

Obama responded by talking about how much he values embassy personnel. Then he said as soon as the attack took place he got on the phone to say he wanted to beef up our security and safety not only in Libya but also in every consulate. Then he said we were going to find out who did this and hunt them down. Then he said, “when folks mess with Americans, we go after them.”

The he finally said, the responsibility rests with him.

Gov. Romney then stepped up, graciously overlooked the way Obama had hemmed and hawed before finally answering the question, and said: “I think the president just said correctly that the buck stops with him at his desk. And he takes responsibility for the failure in providing those security resources.”