Al Qaeda 'On the Run' No Longer an Obama Talking Point?

Al Qaeda 'On the Run' No Longer an Obama Talking Point?

In light of the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack, Obama may be reworking his stump speech to take out claims that “Al Qaeda is on the run” or on its way to defeat.

Sadly, the ugly truth is that Obama’s minimal warfare approach has allowed Al Qaeda to become reinvigorated, and in places like Syria and Libya it is coming on strong.

During the past week the change in language has already been noticeable, as Obama limits his foreign policy achievement list to only three claims: he pulled out of Iraq, he is ending the war in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

This change in verbage comes none too soon for President Obama. Particularly since next week, he has to face off with debate-dominating Gov. Mitt Romney: a presidential candidate who’s already shown he will call Obama out on every overstatement and every false claim related to foreign policy issues.

The U.S. may have pulled out of Iraq, and perhaps we will pull out of Afghanistan. But Obama knows that under his watch, we’re losing the war against Al Qaeda, period.


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