D'Souza's '2016' Offers Damning Look at Obama Foreign Policy

D'Souza's '2016' Offers Damning Look at Obama Foreign Policy

The film “2016,” which was released on DVD this week, not only provides a focused look at the formation of President Obama’s worldview but also a valuable summary of many of his foreign policy exploits.

Narrated by director and author Dinesh D’Souza, the film opens with a look at how Obama made history by becoming America’s first black president. His impact at that moment was undeniable. And as D’Souza recounts events during Obama’s 2008 campaign, videos of voters rallying, crowds swaying, and Obama supporters chanting scroll across the screen. 

Then the film turns to other “firsts” for which Obama will be remembered.

D’Souza says, “One of his first actions was to return a bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from the British.” Obama then becomes “the first president to back Argentina, not Britain, in the dispute over the Falkland Islands.”

Then, attention is turned the Middle East, where D’Souza presents a short chronology of Obama’s actions:

He uses force to stop what he calls genocide in Libya, but refuses to stop greater genocide in Syria. In Egypt he supports the removal of America’s ally, Hosni Mubarak, but he won’t support democracy protesters in Iran. Then, Obama refuses to take meaningful action to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, he slashes America’s nuclear arsenal and plans further reductions, leaving America vulnerable.

He takes the Palestinian position in negotiations with Israel, even though Israel’s been a longstanding ally.

D’Souza describes these acts as “inexplicable,” but contends they are only so because Obama was so successful in hiding the impact his mentors had on him. These mentors include communist party member Frank Marshall Davis, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and Obama’s Columbia Professor, Edward Said. D’Souza describes Professor Said as “the leading anti-colonial critic of Israel, and a former representative to the PLO.”

All of these associations and inexplicable actions are just the tip of the iceberg, in real life as well as in the film. 

And D’Souza seizes on Obama’s Russian pledge of “more flexibility after the election” to show that these things are also only the tip of the iceberg regarding what is to come, if we dare elect Obama to four more years.