Poll: Anti-Israel Sentiment Far Heavier Among Democrats

Poll: Anti-Israel Sentiment Far Heavier Among Democrats

There is a simple answer to the question “When will Jews who are liberal leave the Democratic Party and join the Republican Party?”

And the answer is: When they care more about the survival of the State of Israel than they do about abortion and gay rights.

In a new Pew Research Center poll conducted this month, the study shows that it was bad enough when members of both parties were asked whether the United States is too supportive of Israel; twice as many Democrats agreed; 25% to 13%.

But the real shocker was another question: “Do you think the United States is not supportive enough of Israel?”

The response was more than illuminating; it was a thunderclap that should rock Israel supporting liberals to the core. 46% of Republicans said the U.S. was not supportive enough, while only 9% of Democrats thought so.

That figure of 9% shows that the anti-Israel activity seen at the 2012 DNC was not an accident. The Democratic Party no longer gives a damn about the State of Israel.  Abortion is their primary issue, followed by gay rights.

Jews who care more about the Democrats’ support of abortion and gay rights, which directly contravene traditional Jewish principles, rather than the survival of Israel, represent Judaism as falsely as Barack Obama invoking Ronald Reagan when it behooved him.

If they remain in the Democratic Party, they have no right to complain when the liberal hordes discard them -as they will soon enough.


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