Secret Service Agent Under Investigation Takes Own Life

Secret Service Agent Under Investigation Takes Own Life

Rafael Prieto, a 22-year veteran of the Secret Service, allegedly took his life because of an undisclosed, long-standing affair with a Mexican national.

Prieto’s relationship with the woman was under investigation when the apparent suicide took place. 

Rules require that agents notify the Secret Service of any relationship with a foreign citizen to ensure that it poses no risk to national security. Prieto’s affair was reportedly brought to light by another agent who was under investigation for involvement in the Colombian prostitution scandal earlier this year. Prieto had nothing to do with the fiasco in Cartagena, Colombia, this past April.

Prieto, who was part of the security detail for President Barack Obama, was 47 years old, married, and a father. It appears he took his life by way of carbon monoxide poisoning, as he was found in his car with the engine running.