World View: Global Warming Unchanged Since 1997

World View: Global Warming Unchanged Since 1997

This morning’s key headlines from

  • In historic shift, Mahmoud Abbas gives up ‘right of return’ for Palestinians
  • Arab public opinion turns dramatically against Iran
  • New charges put Barclays at center of climate change financial scam
  • Global warming unchanged since 1997

In historic shift, Mahmoud Abbas gives up ‘right of return’ for Palestinians

In an interview on Israeli television, Palestinian Authority leaderMahmoud Abbas effectively gave up the “right of return” innegotiations with Israel on a Palestinian state. During the 1948war between Jews and Arabs, hundreds of thousands of Palestiniansfled their homes in what is now Israel, and many of their descendantsstill live in refugee camps in countries in the region. The “rightof return” is a demand that all of these refugees should be allowedto return to their ancestral homes, and this has been a constantbut unrealistic demand in all negotiations. 

However, Abbaswas asked about his birthplace, Safed, now a town in northernIsrael. He said: “I am a refugee but I am living in Ramallah. I believethat the West Bank and Gaza is Palestine. And the other parts isIsrael. I want to see Safed. It is my right to see it but not tolive there.”

By saying that it is no longer his right to live in Safed, he’sessentially conceding that the right of return is unrealistic.

However, a number of other Arab leaders decried Abbas’ statement.Gaza’s Hamas ruler Ismail Haniyeh said: “It is not possible for any person, regardless of whohe is … to give up a hand’s width of this Palestinian land, orto give up the right of return to our homes from which we wereforced out.”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said:

“Abbas’s statements where he considered that Palestineis just the occupied territories in 1967 are unpatrioticstatements and means cancelation for the ‘right of return.’ Thesestatements reflect Abbas’s culture and will never reflect thestand of the Palestinian nation.”

As we explained in “24-Oct-12 World View — Qatar breaks Gaza blockade and replaces Iran as Hamas’s benefactor” recently, Hamas is displacing the PalestinianAuthority as the most important representatives of the Palestinians inthe Arab world. BBC andAP

Arab public opinion turns dramatically against Iran

When analyzing current events from the point of view of GenerationalDynamics, I’m less interested in what politicians say than in whatgenerations of people think, as it’s the latter that will determineevents. Particularly important to note is a dramatic change in publicopinion, when it occurs, because it could portend a war or otherchange in public policies. 

A Cairo conference last week, widely covered in Arab televisionand print media, examined the “Iranian Agenda in the Arab World.”In the past, most Arab public opinion was sympathetic to Iran,perceiving it as a victim of the “Great Satan” (United States)and Israel.

But this sympathy for Iran has entirely vanished in the Arab world, asa result of Iran’s support of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, andhis regime of torture and extermination of innocent Arab women andchildren. The general view in the Arab world is that there isno excuse whatsoever to support al-Assad, and such support couldnnot even be justified if it served the purpose of resisting Israelioccupation.

The conference concluded that Iran and Israel are two facesof the same coin:

  • They’re both occupying Arab lands.
  • They both humiliate Palestinians.
  • They both violate all kinds of international laws.
  • They both use espionage and spies to destabilize Arab countries.
  • Both countries operate with a Mafioso mentality in the region.
  • Neither is interested in the prosperity of the region.
  • They both strongly oppose any comprehensive and just peace, and play hard to prevent it.

Currently Iran occupies islands that belong to the UAE, claims thatBahrain in its entirety is an Iranian province that must be takenback, uses its arms and militias as proxies in Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain,Palestine, Kuwait, Syria and other countries, divides Arab societieson sectarian faults and inflames sectarian sentiments. 

This is a good time to repeat my expectation that in the coming Clashof Civilizations world war, Iran will be allied with India, Israel,Russia, and the West, while the Sunni Arab countries will be alliedwith Pakistan and China. Journal of Turkish Weekly

New charges put Barclays at center of climate change financial scam

A couple of days ago I posted “30-Oct-12 World View — Banksters desperately seek to save Europe’s carbon trading system”, relating the “climate change”financial scam to manipulation of Libor by Barclays Bank. The articlefocused on the plan by Barclays bankster Louis Redshaw to createhundreds of trillions of dollars in carbon trade derivativesecurities, and use them to make more money than Barclays was makingwith interest rate swaps, which Barclays was manipulating bymanipulating the Libor rate in the 2005-2008 time period. 

On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposedfining Barclays $470 million for a different scam: During the years2006-2008, Barclays was manipulating the prices of electricity inCalifornia. They would take a daily loss on the trading of physicalelectricity in the California markets, but make a lot more money inprices of electricity. So they used two fraudulent transactions tobet against themselves. They would lose a little money by “crappingon” physical electricity trades, and they would make a lot more moneyby collecting on the synthetic security trades.

The Barclays traders were veterans of Mirant, one of the companiesinvolved with the Enron scandal that was fined hundreds of millions ofdollars for manipulating power prices in the California power crisisof 2000-2001.

So now we have the following:

  • Barclays was manipulating Libor in 2007 to make money on interest rate swaps.
  • Barclays was manipulating energy prices in 2007 to make money on financial swaps related to energy.
  • Barclays wanted to make money in 2007 by selling financial swaps related to carbon trading (which could also have been related to their manipulation of energy prices)

So Barclays Bank apparently was at the center of the whole “climatechange” financial scam. Undoubtedly scammers like Al Gore were poisedto make millions if they could get this trading scheme off the ground.

The one thing that the scam needed most of all was United Statespassage of the “cap and trade” law that would pour billions of dollarsinto the banksters’ scheme. In 2007, the climate change scammers wereabsolutely furious at President Bush, and were screaming at the topsof their lungs about how he was sabotaging the world and humanity fornot backing the law. But what they were really furious about is thathe was sabotaging their million dollar commissions and bonuses. Inreality, the climate change scammers couldn’t have cared less if someSouth Pacific islanders drowned; in fact, they’d welcome it, becausekilling off a few islanders would only make them more money.

I think that this is potentially a very big international news story,but no one in the media is going to investigate these allegationsbecause the climate change myth and Al Gore have achieved god-likestatus, and I certainly don’t have the resources or contacts toinvestigate it in depth myself, as much as I’d like to. Reuters and U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (PDF) and FT Alphaville and Reuters

Global warming unchanged since 1997

There has been no net global warming in the last 16 years and, infact, the global temperature today is the same as it was in 1997.Climate change scammers always talk about how the Arctic is gettingwarmer, but they ignore the Antarctic, which has been setting recordsfor coldness and sea ice. Basically, the climate change scammers andthe mainstream media are lying about scientific data, by purposelyomitting the Antarctic from their claims. Daily Mail and Forbes

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