Russian Attack Sub Spotted 200 Miles Off U.S. Coast

Russian Attack Sub Spotted 200 Miles Off U.S. Coast

A report from Monday indicates a Russian attack sub was recently detected 200 miles off the east coast of the United States. The sub was near Georgia’s Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base: the home port of two U.S. guided missile submarines and six nuclear missile submarines. 

Making matters worse, the sub was accompanied by one of Russia’s intelligence gather ships: an Auxillary-General Intelligence ship (AGI). This is a electronic intelligence gathering vessel of the sort that used to be deployed during the Cold War.

An anonymous U.S. official would not say how the U.S. detected the presence of the Russian sub, he would only say that we did detect it. As for the AGI ship, it requested and received safe harbor at Jacksonville, FL when Sandy rolled in behind it.

In February 2012, Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky promised that Russia’s strategic nuclear subs were going to begin patrolling the world’s waters. And it appears he was right.

One month after Vysotsky pledged to send Russian subs throughout the world, Gov. Romney referred to Russia as “our number one Geo-political foe” and Obama laughed at him. 


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