Hamas: Israeli Strike 'Opened the Gates of Hell'

Hamas: Israeli Strike 'Opened the Gates of Hell'

After Israel conducted an early morning strike that killed a Hamas military leader, the terrorist group said the strike had “opened the gates of hell.”

Israel had been warning that it would retaliate after 68 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza in October; rocket strikes from Hamas in the Gaza Strip have intensified in the early weeks of November

Israeli intelligence had linked Ahmed Jabari, Hamas’ senior military leader, to a number of rocket launches and viewed him as an optimal target for a demonstration of Israel’s right to protect itself. 

Hamas is using the strike to arouse Israel’s enemies to action. On Monday, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah called on Arab Spring nations to assist Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel warns that all options remain on the table should Hamas attack, including a ground operation in Gaza. 


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