Israel Cabinet Approves Additional 75,000 Reservists

Israel Cabinet Approves Additional 75,000 Reservists

The Israeli Gov. has upped the cap on IDF reservists who could be called up for a possible ground invasion into Gaza.

Israel’s Inner Cabinet met for over three hours to consider the possibility and design of a ground operation into the Hamas-controlled area. While the cabinet offered no details of what they discussed, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman did say Israel’s responses to Hamas’ violence will be “harsher and harsher” each time. 

Liberman said Israel has no plans to topple Hamas, but they also have no plans to sit on their hands while Hamas fires rocket after rocket into the Jewish State.

On Thursday, Israel called up 15,000 of the 30,000 reservists then allowable for use in the possible ground invasion. A day later, they upped that allowance to 75,000.