Syria Mixing Chemicals for Sarin Gas

Syria Mixing Chemicals for Sarin Gas

Reports are now circulating that Syria is mixing the chemicals necessary to make Sarin gas. This news comes on top of earlier reports that Syria was moving chemical weapons components into place for what many think will be a strike on the Syrian opposition. 

Sarin gas is a nerve agent most recently witnessed when used in terror attacks in Japan during the 1990s. One of those attacks was the infamous Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway.

This gas can cause convulsions, respiratory failure, and death. 

On Sunday, a senior U.S. official expressed concern that Syria may be getting ready to use the gas against the opposition. But today, Syrian State TV carried a message from the Syrian Foreign Minister saying Syria “would never use chemical weapons on its own people.”

Nonetheless, they are mixing the chemicals for some reason. 


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