Thwarted Jordan Terrorist Attack Points to Al Qaeda in Iraq

Thwarted Jordan Terrorist Attack Points to Al Qaeda in Iraq

A Jordanian terrorist plot uncovered and stopped in late October before it could be carried out is indicative of a resurgent Al Qaeda in Iraq.

The goal of the planned attack was to capture the U.S. Embassy in Jordan.

The plan was to unfold with terrorists targeting the city of Amman, to “bring [it] to its knees.” This plan was to include suicide bombs at two shopping malls, car bombs in the streets, and suppressive machine gun fire on local cafes.

After catching the city off guard, the terrorists then planned to assault the embassy with morter shells and other weapons acquired “from Syria’s civil war.”

One Jordanian official said the group’s goal was to “kill as many people as possible.” However, Jordanian officials prevented the attack by arresting the 11 ringleaders behind the plot. 

Officials made it clear that although all the men arrested were Jordanians, the investigation “has confirmed [a] key role [was] played by Al Qaeda’s Iraqi branch,” which has reportedly been “rebounding” since U.S. troops left Iraq. 

This resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq comes as Al Qaeda affiliates are growing stronger elsewhere, particularly Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. 

Moreover, many Al Qaeda fighters are affliating with the Syrian opposition, where they gather weapons and then move on in hopes of carrying out terror plots like the one which was foiled in Amman. 



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