Hillary Clinton: Iran Exports Terrorism Across World

Hillary Clinton: Iran Exports Terrorism Across World

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Iran of exporting terrorism across the world from “Mexico to Thailand” at a forum of global leaders focused on Middle East issues.

“We already know very well that the Iranian regime already exports terrorism, not only to Israel’s doorstep, but across the world,” Clinton said at the annual Saban Forum, which was held at the Brookings Institute on November 30. “If we had a map I could put up there, I could show you what we track and plot on that map.”

Clinton said that while Iran’s terror attempts “thankfully” fail most of the time, they unfortunately succeed sometimes, as was the was the case in Bulgaria.

“Those plots, those activities of Iran directly or through their agents, stretches from Mexico to Thailand,” Clinton said. 

Clinton said this is why “America, Israel and the entire international community must prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.”

The Saban forum generated buzz for another reason. A tribute  video of Clinton that played before her talk led those who attended the conference to believe she would run for president in 2016.