Source: Pakistan Border Security Worse than Pentagon Report Indicates

Source: Pakistan Border Security Worse than Pentagon Report Indicates

A source within a Scout Cavalry Platoon with boots on the ground in Afghanistan not only corroborated a recent Pentagon report blaming Pakistan for deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan but told Breitbart News it understates the trouble caused by Pakistan’s porous border and lack of security.

The Pentagon report lays the blame for a significant number of losses in the Afghanistan War at the feet of Pakistan, claiming Pakistan’s lax border security has directly contributed to lengthening the war by allowing safe havens for insurgents to exist.

According to the report, Pakistan is persistently undermining security in Afghanistan via their “continued acceptance of sanctuaries for Afghan-focused insurgents” and their “failure to interdict explosive materials and components” which are also crossing the border. 

The service member in Afghanistan, who asked to remain anonymous, added: 

I’ve patrolled roads that go right up to the Pakistan border. I’ve seen one Pakistan guard station and then nothing for miles. I believe that the purpose is to grant freedom of maneuver to insurgents moving on foot in the area.

He said the U.S. gives Pakistan an untold amount of money to tighten border security, but “they spend it on other things.” 

He went so far as to speculate, “I’ve had field grade officers and NCO’s tell me our primary purpose in Afghanistan is to distract the Taliban from taking over Pakistan and getting access to the nuclear arsenal there.”

The report indicates U.S./ Pakistan relations have improved since mid-summer 2012 when Pakistan “re-opened Western forces’ supply routes into Afghanistan.” Nevertheless, Pakistan’s unguarded border remains an issue that must be remedied before U.S. troops leave Afghanistan in 2014.

Photo credit: U.S. Army/Spc. Kristina L. Gupton