Communist Chinese Police Battle Doomsday Cult, 1,000 Arrested

Communist Chinese Police Battle Doomsday Cult, 1,000 Arrested

The Mayan calendar, which some claim predicts the world tomorrow will end tomorrow, December 21, 2012, is now wreaking havoc in Communist China. 

A group called “Almighty God”, which takes the Mayan prophecy seriously, is fighting with government law enforcement officials in central Henan, northern Shaanxi, and southwestern Gansu provinces.

The Communist Party, which rules with an iron fist, claims the “Almighty God” group wants a “decisive battle” against what it calls the “Red Dragon” Communist Party.

One thousand members of the group have been arrested across seven provinces in China; 400 alone were nabbed in Qinghai, a province in the remote west of the country.

The Communist Chinese are relentless in their attacks on the burgeoning cults across the country; they are not reticent to use force, even executing some of the cults’ leaders.

In 1999, former President Jiang Zemin decimated the Falun Gong religious group whose members had peacefully protested the government’s non-recognition of their legitimacy. The group was attacked after a sit-in outside the Communist Party headquarters in Beijing.

Photo credit: Xinhua News Agency