Assad Continues to Fire Scuds at Syrian Rebels

Assad Continues to Fire Scuds at Syrian Rebels

There are reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad is continuing to use Scud missiles against opposition forces. Although the Scuds are not laced with chemical weapons, their use is considered an escalation in the war.

The Syrian government denied reports of their use of Scuds.

Meanwhile, the reality that the Syrian revolution is devolving into a sectarian war is becoming apparent to everyone. Assad’s Alawite community is fighting against Sunni Muslims, who are gathering other Sunnis from 29 other countries. One UN investigator said, “As battles between government forces and anti-government armed groups approach the end of their second year, the conflict has become overtly sectarian in nature.”

The Syrian rebels fighting the government are arming themselves more and more along with their Sunni allies who have emigrated there. One UN investigator, Karen Abuzayd, claimed, “They come from all over, Europe and America, and especially the neighboring countries.”

Syrian government forces are bombing hospitals from the air, while rebels are gaining ground across the country, taking control of six towns in the province of Hama. Hama is populated by many Christians and Alawites, and a bloodbath could occur if rebels seize control.

Even Vladimir Putin has warned of the possibility that the sectarian hatred could last beyond any termination of the war.