World View: Iran, Turkey Trade Accusations as Relations Deteriorate

World View: Iran, Turkey Trade Accusations as Relations Deteriorate

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Turkey’s Erdogan says that Assad’s regime in Syria is ending
  • Iran and Turkey trade accusations, as relations deteriorate
  • Greece makes plans for Syrian refugee camp on Corfu
  • Venezuelans wonder if Chavez’s cancer surgery has failed
  • Fiscal Cliff negotiations collapse

Turkey’s Erdogan says that Assad’s regime in Syria is ending

Erdogan (R) introduces Syrian opposition leader on Sunday (DHA)
Erdogan (R) introduces Syrian opposition leader on Sunday (DHA)

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday thathe’s started to receive what he called “strong signals” that theSyrian civil war is coming to an end:

“We are receiving strong signals that the end isapproaching in Syria. This bloody, this despotic process thatcontinues nearly two years is already nearing to end. A governmentthat meets the demands of people in Syria – God willing – willcome to power soon.”

The tide turned in favor of the opposition fighters in mid-November,when they captured military bases near Aleppo, carting off tanks,armored vehicles and truck-loads of munitions.

On Sunday, Erdogan introduced Moaz al-Khatib, the head of the NationalCoalition for Opposition Forces, and added the following:

“My brothers, more than 100 countries have recognizedthe leadership of this friend [Moaz al-Khatib] and his team. Whatdoes this mean? It means that ‘al-Assad, we don’t recognize youany more, get out’ because leaders who do not get approval fromtheir people cannot remain in power. Unwanted leaders will quitand the ones who are demanded will come to power. …

[Hafez] is not remembered with good deeds, he won’t be rememberedin the same way, too. [Assad once said that] his elders made somemistakes but that we won’t make the same mistakes.

[Cruelty] is cultivated in his genes. He even surpassed hisfather. Some 50,000 Syrian brothers have been killed by hisbombs.”

According to Erdogan, once the ruling powers change in Syria, thejoining forces.”

Erdogan has made similar predictions in the past. Zaman (Istanbul) and Hurriyet (Ankara)

Iran and Turkey trade accusations, as relations deteriorate

After centuries of wars, Iran and (Ottoman) Turkey signed the Qasr-iShirin Accord in 1639, which drew today’s Iran-Iraq and Iran-Turkeyborders. For over 400 years, Iran and Turkey have respected oneanother and, no matter what kind of regimes governed them, recognizedeach other as experienced and established states and adhered to a codeof conduct that restrained their competition for influence and powerand prevented the use of force, and even restrained their languageabout each other. However, the two-year-old Syrian conflict hascaused this mutual respect to erode, and this erosion has becomemore pronounced in the last couple of months. When Turkeydecided recently to deploy Nato Patriot missiles, a furiousIran said that the Patriots could cause a third world war.

Last week, Turkey’s Interior Minister accused Iran of supporting PKKterrorists in Turkey, allowing them to use Iran as a base forsanctuary and as a site for transit, training and indoctrination,recruitment, fund-raising and the supply of arms and munitions:

“Intelligence was received indicating that the [PKKtraining camp], where Iran had denied access to the terroristorganization in the past, has again become operational and thatterrorist members who were injured during operations [conducted byTurkish security forces] were being treated in Iranian statehospitals near the border area.”

He added that members of the terrorist organization areusing vacated Iranian military posts for logistical support.

Iran fears a Turkey/Sunni alliance against Iran and Shias, but thismay be a good time to remind readers that the Generational Dynamicsanalysis indicates that in the coming Clash of Civilizations worldwar, Iran will be allied with Russia, India and the West, includingIsrael, versus Turkey, the Sunni Arab states, Pakistan, and China.Al-Monitor (Washington) and Zaman (Istanbul)

Greece makes plans for Syrian refugee camp on Corfu

Greece is the most popular entry point for refugees trying to get intothe European Union, and there have been waves of them from the entireMideast, and as far away as Afghanistan. In 2012, some 8,000 Syrianrefugees came to Greece, many of them arriving on the island ofLesbos. The Greek government is tentatively planning to accommodateas many as 20,000 Syrian refugees on the island of Corfu. Greek Reporter

Venezuelans wonder if Chavez’s cancer surgery has failed

Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolas Maduro made a sudden, unexpectedtrip to Cuba on Saturday, increasing speculation that the December 11cancer operation on president Hugo Chávez, his fourth, wasunsuccessful. Chávez has not been seen in public since the surgery,and the location and type of cancer have been kept a closely guardedsecret. The Venezuelan opposition are becoming more vocal indemanding the latest medical reports on Chávez, and the people areopenly wondering why Chávez has to go to Cuba to be treated, ratherthan take advantage of treatment facilities in Venezuela. They notethat Paraguay’s president Fernando Lugo was successfully treated forcancer in the prestigious Hospital Sírio-Libanês (Syrian-Lebanesehospital) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Al-Jazeera and Latin-American Herald Tribune

Fiscal Cliff negotiations collapse

I watched the discussions about the fiscal cliff negotiations on theSunday morning talk shows, as much as I could stand, and it’s hard tooveremphasize how pathetic and sickening all of these people are –President Obama, the Republicans in Congress, the Democrats inCongress. All they want to do is cover their asses. None of thesecorrupt politicians gives a shit about what they’re doing to everyoneelse. They’re a disgrace to the country.

The clown negotiations in Washington have collapsed for now,apparently because the Republican proposal includes the “Chained CPI”proposal that I wrote about two weeks ago, since it cuts SocialSecurity benefits by 0.3%, and which one Democrat I quoted said “19-Dec-12 World View — ‘Chained CPI’ proposal enters the farcical Fiscal Cliff negotiations”)

It would be kinda funny if these people weren’t so pathetic.

It’s worth remembering that in the 1980s, when the Silent generationwas in charge, Republicans and Democrats could reach agreements onmany things, including saving Social Security and controlling thebudget deficit. Even as late as 1996, they could agree to end thewelfare entitlement. Today’s Generation-Xers and Boomers couldn’tagree on the color of mud. CNN

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