Hamas PM: Israel 'Cancerous Tumor'

Hamas PM: Israel 'Cancerous Tumor'

Even as the United States makes overtures toward legitimizing terrorist group Hamas – failing to protest visits to the Gaza Strip from international leaders was the first step in that legitimization during the recent Gaza rocket war – Hamas’ Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh is on a rhetorical rampage again. “Israel is a cancerous tumor that must be removed and uprooted,” Haniyeh said during an international conference on education. Yes, education.

“The hand of the resistance and the jihad fighters has begun to uproot the tumor, and will work to end the occupation of Palestine as a whole. Allah willing, we will break the occupation,” he railed. Representatives from Egypt and Tunisia – both US-approved Arab Spring victories – sat in quiet respect.

What did this have to do with education? Gaza’s teachers, Haniyeh said, need to “raise a generation that will fight and liberate the Palestinians from the occupation.”

A new poll shows that Palestinians favor Hamas over the supposedly-more moderate Palestinian Authority.


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