Obama's CIA Pick John Brennan's Horrific Record

Obama's CIA Pick John Brennan's Horrific Record

President Obama’s CIA Director pick, White House chief counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan, has a number of issues to answer for before Senators on Capitol Hill confirm him.

PJ Media’s Patrick Poole compiled an extensive list of stories concerning Brennan dating back to 2008 that may make some think twice about whether Brennan is the right man for the job at the helm of the CIA.

For example:

April 2008: Brennan tells the New York Times that US government official must stop “Iran-bashing”

Feb 2010: Brennan attacks critics of Obama Admin’s handling of “underwear bomber” Abdulmutallab as a criminal, not a terrorist, saying that critics are “serving the goals of Al-Qaeda”

May 2010: Brennan says he wants to build up “Hezbollah moderates”

May 2012: Brennan implicated in major White House intelligence breach involving UK/Saudi Al-Qaeda infiltrator

Aug 2012: Brennan attacks critics of politically-driven White House intelligence leaks

Sept 2012: House Intel Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says changes in CIA’s Benghazi attack talking points blaming Mohammed video happened under deputies committee chaired by Brennan

PJ Media lists other instances at the link above. It should be noted that Brennan angered former Defense Secretary Robert Gates after putting out erroneous briefings following the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011. The UK Telegraph points out:

“After Mr Brennan said bin Laden had been killed while using one of his wives as a shield, officials later said that this was untrue.”