CAIR Concerned by Brennan's Nomination for CIA Director

CAIR Concerned by Brennan's Nomination for CIA Director

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is expressing concerns over the nomination of John Brennan to CIA Director.

Going back to his support of enhanced interrogation techniques — excluding waterboarding — CAIR sees in Brennan a man who went along with the Bush administration on various information extraction techniques commonly called “torture” by leftists. 

They are equally troubled by Brennan’s support of unmanned drone strikes.

In a Jan. 8 press release, CAIR described Brennan as “an ‘architect’ of the secret, unaccountable, and counterproductive campaign of targeted killings that may violate international laws of war and continues to generate hostility [toward America from] around the world.” 

Quoting New Yorker magazine, CAIR added: “Brennan has helped construct and justify the Administration’s claim that it can kill people, including American citizens, even when those people are not in countries with which we are at war.”

CAIR is making it clear they expect Brennan to be asked hard questions during his confirmation. Questions about human rights, the rule of law, and “America’s standing in history.”