Obama Admin Hides Bin Laden's Burial Details

Obama Admin Hides Bin Laden's Burial Details

The Obama administration is fighting efforts to release details of Osama Bin Laden’s burial on the grounds that releasing said details might offend terrorists around the world.

In July 2012, Judicial Watch filed a suit under the Freedom of Information Act seeking details of bin Laden’s burial. On Jan. 15, 2013, the Navy filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, which would dismiss the suit if granted. 

In so doing, the Navy cited a sworn declaration by Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Curtis M. Scaporratti:

Notwithstanding the fact that proper burial procedures were followed during bin Laden’s burial at sea, Al Qaeda would most assuredly question the propriety of those procedures, thereby inflaming tensions among overseas populations that include Al Qaeda members or sympathizers, encouraging propaganda by various terrorist groups or other entities hostile to the United States, and potentially leading to retaliatory attacks against the United States and its citizens both at home and abroad.

The bottom line: We are either scared of Al Qaeda or we have so constrained ourselves via political correctness that we can no longer speak the truth. 

Either way, we find ourselves trapped by an administration that doesn’t want to provide details of how bin Laden was buried because they don’t want to offend terrorists.