British Women to Men: Stop Acting Like Gentlemen

British Women to Men: Stop Acting Like Gentlemen

In Great Britain, which was heralded for centuries as the ancient model for chivalry, the time for men treating women with respect and class is over. A new survey reveals that women are suspicious when treated with kindness or generosity by men.

Of those responding, 82% of women would not let a man pay for her dinner on the first date, with 52% of those surveyed saying they would prefer paying for both parties. A whopping 89% would not accept a man helping them carry their heavy grocery bags. On a cold day, 78% didn’t want a man offering them a coat. Opening doors for a woman? Forget it, 66% said. And finally, 92% of women surveyed said they wouldn’t take a seat offered to them by a man.

Mark Hall, who works as the Gentleman Creation Officer for the organization that conducted the poll, said:

Men’s standards have slipped so far over recent years that any offer of chivalry from a gentleman knocks a woman off their guard and is viewed with outright suspicion. Does an offer of goodwill have to be taken the wrong way? If men upped their game across the board good manners would be back on the agenda once again. We’ve forgotten about good behavior and it’s high time gentlemen stood up to be counted – especially on a crowded bus.