Russian FM Won't Answer Kerry's Calls

Russian FM Won't Answer Kerry's Calls

Following North Korea’s nuclear test on Feb 12, Sec. of State John Kerry called the foreign ministers of various countries to discuss the matter–and everyone except Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov answered the phone. 

His outgoing spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Kerry again reached out Lavrov on Feb. 13, assuring him that he’s ready to talk “whenever foreign minister Lavrov can find the time.”

State Dept. personnel are quick to remind reporters that Hillary Clinton once had trouble reaching Lavrov as well.  It was early in 2012, and Lavrov was busy with preparations for a trip to Australia. 

Regardless of this, Kerry obviously does not want to start his tenure as Sec. of State this way.

During the  State Dept. press conference on Feb. 13, one of the reporters jokingly suggested, “Maybe you could just text him?”