Biden to AIPAC: We're the Best Administration for Israel Ever

Biden to AIPAC: We're the Best Administration for Israel Ever

Joe Biden stood before the AIPAC conference and informed the members that the Obama administration has been the best Administration for Israel of any U.S. Administration.

“We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder over the past 40 years defending the legitimate interests of Israel but no administration, no President has done as much to physically secure the State of Israel as Barack Obama. I can say with certitude that I don’t know when anytime in the last eight administrations that there has been as much security coordination. The teams working with Israel are tired of all the international flights, they go so much. Our commitment to Israel has not changed and it will not change as long as he and I are President and Vice-President of the United States.”

Of course, Biden admitted, there are policy differences “I have been there for a lot of Prime Ministers, and we have always disagreed on tactics. But we have never disagreed on the principles – that Israel must do it on its own.”

Israel must do it on its own? Perhaps Biden can explain why Barack Obama is demanding a timetable for Israel’s withdrawal from Judea and Samaria.

“We invested $275 million in Iron Dome, including $70 million in emergency aid last year. And all this in the wake of the Great Recession. We are committed to ensuring that Israel does not lose its qualitative edge. It was our unique partnership that developed this technology and funded it. And now we are working on new systems to fight long-range threats, David’s Sling and Arrow,” Biden said.

Anyone want to point out that David’s Sling was green-lit by George W. Bush?

Biden added. “And we are working on a new radar that will ensure that Israel can better defend itself. That is what we do . . . We will continue to oppose unilateral actions by the Palestinians. There is no substitute for looking into the other party’s eyes.”

So, Obama pressures Israel to withdraw, says nothing to the Palestinians, is allowing Iran to pursue nuclear weapons, but Jews are supposed to believe that he cares for Israel’s security?

Vis-à-vis Iran? Biden: “It is not only in Israel’s interest that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons, it is also in the interests of the United States, and the rest of the world . . . We are not looking for war, we are looking for negotiations, but all options are on the table.”  . . . the world’s preference is for a diplomatic solution. That window is closing but we believe there is time still. We are in constant contact with Israeli security and intelligence on this. God forbid there is a need to act.”

God forbid they should act? Wouldn’t want to get the Islamists too upset.

Biden continued, “It matters that the world knows that we did everything reasonable to stop Iran diplomatically. We have a mighty international community behind these sanctions.”

Oh, and everything has been going just fine with the sanctions, Biden asserted: “When we entered office Iran was on the ascendancy. It is no longer on the ascendancy.”

And how much closer is Iran to a nuclear bomb capable of wiping out the Jewish state while Obama and Biden pat themselves on the back for their inaction?

Then Biden truly got offensive with another Uncle Joe story: “It was at my father’s table I learned the phrase ‘never again,’ and it was there that I learned that the only way to prevent another Holocaust was to establish a Jewish state. My father used to say that were he a Jew, he would never entrust the security of his people to another nation, including the United States.”

He thinks Israel should be free to act without pressure. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Noting Obama will be visiting Israel soon, Biden dramatically said of the traditional end of the Seder, ” . . . right before Passover. I have to admit that I am a little jealous of his being able to say ‘Next Year in Jerusalem.”

Someone should tell Biden that Jews say that at every Seder around the world; you don’t have to be in Israel to say it. On the other hand, when Obama says it, it’s possible he means next year in a Palestinian Jerusalem with the Palestinians celebrating their new capital.